OASKPA Members

OASPKA is a bi-national organization of Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic established in Santiago, Dominican Republic, on February 2015. It is an acronym for the Haitian creole name “OGANIZASYON AYISYEN KISOTI SENDOMENG POU KONSTWI AYITI”. The name of the organization literally translates to “Haitian Organization that Left the Dominican Republic to Build Haiti.”

Members of the organization are located primarily in the north of the Dominican Republic, in Santiago, Puerto Plata, Montellano, Sosua, Los Cocos de Santiago, La Delgado, and San Francisco de Macoris. Some members of the organization are also currently in Haiti, primarily in the northern border city of Ouanaminthe, and in the community of San Fred, among others.


In total, there are over 5,000 people who are part of this organization. They are families of Haitian immigrants, some with Dominican born children, who are seeking opportunities to live in a sustainable environment in Haiti.

Charitable Joachim, one of the founders of OASPKA, met Jheison Romain, one of the founders of HCLT, during the summer of 2015 while Jheison was carrying out research regarding the experiences of Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic. The partnership between OASPKA and HCLT began in December of 2015.

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