FullSizeRender (2)Rebecca Blanc is a first generation Haitian-American, born in Brooklyn and raised in Central Florida. She received her Bachelor’s of English at Florida Atlantic University while serving as Treasurer of the Dream Defenders school chapter. Rebecca is currently also involved with We Are All Dominican in New York. Rebecca is proud of her Haitian heritage and believes that it is crucial that Haitian people are empowered, particularly by tapping into the richness which lays in the Haitian soil.

HD1Jean-Claude Bourget is the president of our organization and brings more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience. Before helping to start HCLT, Jean-Claude served as CEO for The Bourget Group LLC for over 16 years. After the 2010 earthquake that devastated southern Haiti, he initiated a humanitarian initiative, Quartier par Quartier, that was designed to provide demographic and capacity needs assessments to help shape humanitarian and development activities in Haiti. This initiative helped to provide badly needed aid to 28,000 residents in four communities that were affected by the earthquake.  As a Haitian who now lives in the diaspora, Jean-Claude has a passion for helping to bring sustainable solutions that will help promote growth and development to the country and its people.


Picture1Charitable Joachim is a Haitian community leader who currently lives in the Dominican Republic and leads our local efforts. He migrated to Santiago, DR from the northern Haitian border town of Ouanaminthe. As the Dominican government’s immigrant regularization plan was being carried out in 2015, Charitable assisted fellow Haitians with obtaining birth certificates and other documents they needed to get from Haiti. As he was doing this work he met with Jheison Romain, whom he later invited to meet with several community members living in Santiago. It was at this meeting when the idea for an international partnership was first proposed. For over four years now, Charitable has been in constant dialogue with Haitian community leaders in various cities in the Dominican Republic, including communities in Santiago, Puerto Plata, Montellano, and Sosua, among others. He is the president of the locally-constituted organization OASPKA (Oganizasyon Ayisyen Kisoti Sendomeng Pou Konstwi Ayiti), which has sought to organize Haitian immigrants who desire to return to Haiti and put their skills to work in an effort to develop  self-sustaining communities in Haiti.

ekhm7YkNJheison Romain
is a Colombian immigrant of Haitian descent. He obtained his degree in International Affairs from the University of Georgia (Class of 2009) and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Jheison has conducted field research with Haitian immigrants and their descendants in the Dominican Republic, where he met with local community leaders who sought support from abroad in order to implement a plan to establish a self-sustaining community in Haiti. Jheison brings over 5 years of experience working with national and local civil and political leaders in Colombia, the United States and other countries in Latin America. He is involved with the Haitian Community Land Trust because he sees the great potential these initiatives have for empowering hundreds of impoverished Haitian families who desire to live and thrive in Haiti.

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