Our mission is to empower grassroots organizations to foster and create communities that embrace equity, stability, and sustainability.

Following the vision of local organization OASKPA, we seek to contribute to the empowerment of Haitian people who have been marginalized and exploited for far too long. By establishing a self-sustaining community in Haiti we hope to foster positive conditions in Haiti that will allow Haitian people to raise families in conditions that will allow them to thrive without having to migrate outside the country. The group of over 5,000 Haitian people with whom we are currently working have skills in areas ranging from agriculture to construction and entrepreneurship. They want to put those skills to work to construct a better Haiti. Our mission is to support them and help them as they work to turn their vision into a reality.

Our long-term goal as the Haitian Community Land Trust is to provide Land Security, Community-Focused Economic Development, and Social Empowerment. (Click here to read more about our goals). We will accomplish these goals by raising sufficient funds to secure the land in which returning migrants could live and work, and finance the locally-led development of a sustainable community. In order to do this, our organization is raising a total of $5 million dollars in capital. Obtaining this amount will allow us to secure over 110 acres land in Haiti and establish a community-oriented cooperative from which more than 500 families could sustain themselves. 

However, In order to ensure that this large-scale project is successful, we are taking a multi-phased approach which includes initially entering into a lease-to-own agreement for the land. This will allow us to start helping people to move to Haiti, to live on the land and begin initial agricultural production. The funds generated from the sale of the harvested products will be reinvested to develop the community and to purchase additional acres of land. This reinvestment will help expand refugee relocation and farming production.

Phase one of our plan is to lease approximately 3 acres of land, which will provide 16 families from the affected population with the opportunity to begin initial agricultural production, setting also the foundation for the community. For this initial phase, we are seeking $50,000 in contributions, which will allow us to build transitional homes, help the families relocate, and ensure the success and sustainability of this initial phase.



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